Real-Time Program-Specific Phase Change Detection for Java Programs

Chiu, Meng-Chieh, Benjamin Marlin, and Eliot Moss. "Real-Time Program-Specific Phase Change Detection for Java Programs." 13th International Conference on Principles and Practices of Programming on the Java Platform: Virtual Machines, Languages, and Tools. 2016.


It is well-known that programs tend to have multiple phases in their execution. Because phases have impact on micro-architectural features such as caches and branch predictors, they are relevant to program performance and energy consumption. They are also relevant to detecting whether a program is executing as expected or is encountering unusual or exceptional conditions, a software engineering and program monitoring concern. We offer here a method for real-time phase change detection in Java programs. After applying a training protocol to a program of interest, our method can detect phase changes at run time for that program with good precision and recall (compared with a “ground truth” definition of phases) and with small performance impact (average less than 2%). We also offer improved methodology for evaluating phase change detection mechanisms. In sum, our approach offers the first known implementation of real-time phase detection for Java programs.

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