MLDS Receives Two Best Paper Award Honorable Mentions at UBICOMP 2013

MDLS researchers received two honorable mentions for the best paper prize at UBICOMP 2013. Both papers are collaborative work with the UMass Sensors Lab. The papers are "Detecting Cocaine Use with Wearable Electrocardiogram Sensors" by Annamalai Natarajan (MLDS), Abhinav Parate (UMass Sensors Lab), Edward Gaiser (Yale School of Medicine), Gustavo Angarita (Yale School of Medicine), Robert Malison (Yale School of Medicine), Benjamin M. Marlin (MLDS), Deepak Ganesan (UMass Sensors Lab), and "Practical Prediction and Prefetch for Faster Access to Applications on Mobile Phones" by Abhinav Parate (UMass Sensors Lab), Matthias Böhmer (DFKI GmbH), David Chu (Microsoft Research), Deepak Ganesan (UMass Sensors Lab), Benjamin M. Marlin (MLDS).